Don't be afraid of crashing any more, just have fun, VIFLY take CARE everything.
If your aircraft crashed and damaged, you can contact for FREE spare parts.
• Purchase date before August 31th 2017.
• The aircraft can be armed and at least two motors can work normally.
• Each customer can only enjoy FREE VIFLY Care service for one time.
• Only for aircraft body, not including the remote controller, battery, propeller or other accessories.
Two repairing methods
• Ask for spare parts and repair by yourself, what you take is $15 international shipping fee. Please send pictures and video about your damage to After our support confirmed you meet the requirement of free VIFLY Care, please proceed the payment for shipping by clicking "Buy Now" button below.
• Send your unit back to local repair center. Spare parts are free, what you take is repair labor ($25 for each drone) and shipping fee depending on actual conditions. Please send email to, we will redirect you to local repair center.